Sunday, March 06, 2011

Our Nation's Capitol

I just can't seem to abandon this blog for good. And surprisingly, it hasn't gone away on its own, so here I am again, with more pictures. Last weekend we were in D.C., a month too early for the cherry blossoms but still we got to enjoy one 60+ degree day and some time outside in very bearable conditions the rest of the time.

I've been to the Washington Monument many times, but it never fails to impress me. The views across the Mall and toward the various other monuments are supposed to make a person feel reverential and patriotic, and I am only human, after all.

In the sculpture garden next to the National Gallery, we found this tree that looks like it is made of liquid silver. Unfortunately, touching is not allowed.

This map of the United States (at the National Portrait Gallery) is full of television monitors of various sizes, looping images that the artist associates with each state. Not surprisingly, the screens in Oklahoma were showing nothing but clips from Oklahoma!

Some of us had never been to the Georgetown campus (while some of us had visited as part of our southern states college tour, during which we decided we didn't want to go to college in a "southern" state) so we headed there on Sunday. As a neighborhood, I find Georgetown appealing in a "I'd never actually want to live here, but look at how cute it is!" type of way. These Easter-egg colored row houses just add to its charm.

If I had a big blank cement wall on one side of my house, I too might decide to paint a reproduction of The Great Wave off Kanagawa there. Even though it's pretty ubiquitious, I am a fan of this painting and enjoyed stumbling across it in Georgetown.

All in all, D.C. is a great city. I could see myself living there, were it not for the abominable humidity in the summer months.


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