Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

It never occurred to me that one's Flag Day celebration need not be limited to exalting the American flag. Technically, yes, this is what Woodrow Wilson had in mind when he proclaimed June 14th Flag Day in 1916, but in our anything-goes modern world, why not take liberties with the holiday? Isn't that what America is all about anyway?

In D.C. apparently, Flag Day brings together people who have tattoos of the district's flag. They hold a rally for Congressional representation and generally revel in their tattooed-ness. I heartily support this.

Meanwhile, you can buy almost anything emblazoned with the Chicago flag, even skateboards and high tops. I'm also partial to the California state flag, which ranks up there with those of Texas and Maryland as most recognizable state flags. (The grizzly makes California's by far the most ferocious flag though.)

So don't just let your freak flag fly. Prance around in ritualistic adoration today. If Wilson really wanted us to focus on one specific flag, he should have said so!


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