Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am moderately repulsed by jargon. It creeps in everywhere, kind of like mold or mildew, and spoils a perfectly good... well, anything. From the slimy world of business speak, which has produced gems like "synergy optimization" and "dynamic engagement solutions," to that of academia, which prompted me to write a whole essay about my distaste for the word "hegemony," jargon just grosses me out.

Of course we need specialized vocabulary to describe certain things, but the way these words, many of which are just total fabrications, get tossed around, without consideration for what they actually mean (or don't mean), drives me crazy.

It's true that I may be known as someone who tends to trail off mid-sentence as I think about what word I should use to express my next thought or even as someone who prefers not to talk at all unless I absolutely have to, but I'd much rather be the quiet person than the one spewing nonsense into the already heavily polluted atmosphere.

So there (end of rant.)


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